The power of a registered Letter and the taking of contemporaneous notes.



I will begin with a few questions. Ever feel disheartened? Ever feel dis empowered? Ever feel the so-called Authorities have all the power and that the People can do nothing? Yeah?


Well, these are very familiar and common perceptions that many of us have, and understandably so, for, if the People are taught that this is the way things are, then how can we believe otherwise? From the Cradle to the Grave, People are taught to not think out side to box. They are purposely dis empowered by those who seek to hide the truth from them and deny them their Sovereign God-given Rights as a method of control.

This is done by the passing of Laws that may be repugnant to the Constitution, the issuing of summons ,fines and notices (none of which are Bills),large interest on Loans,occupational game shows,disinformation through the Media,T.V., even income Tax is only 'voluntary compliance' with a little 'encouragement'. The list is endless and their methods, ever more sinister.


People in general believe that they do not hold any power to change things in their Country; for the better of themselves, their Children or fellow Human Beings. The People, not the Government, own the Country. The word “own” is too strong a word: we are really just keepers of the Planet. Essentially, power is derived from the People but our so called educational system convinces us to believe otherwise.


Knowledge is power: always was, always will be. When we have the knowledge and the method to change things, we are then empowered. We have also received the Tools to do the job: a registered Letter can be a very valuable Spanner to do the job. Or viewed by the other side as a “Spanner in the works”- it being Dependant on the truth of the matter. A Letter becomes a Legal Document when registered. It puts the issue “on the record”, as they say. It cannot be denied it was received or - refused to be received.


You do not need a Solicitor to put an issue on the record, you do it yourself.

The cost of a registered Letter is €5.00 and they can be used to safeguard Yourself, protect inventions {and copyright}, voice your disapproval on issues of importance, lodge complaints or when being ignored by not- so- civil Civil Servants, Police and Government Ministers etc.


So there you are. You have now been “Empowered”! Armed with this simple knowledge, you can begin to make a change in Your life. If you cannot get a reply to all those Phone calls or Letters You may have sent to T. D's, Councilors, complaints Departments, etc., just get the Name of the Person in question and register your Voice. Don’t forget to keep all Receipts and a copy of the Letters sent and received in Your File. That is how the Pen becomes mightier than the Sword!

It is the method of placing 'S' in front of 'word'.


Another little service the Post Office offered their Customers until it was done away with some years ago,was an A+R Form. Together with Your registered Letter, this Form enabled the sender to receive through the post, a copy of the recipient's signature.

(If you believe you are too small to be able to do anything about something,then try sleeping with a Mosquito)..... we the people.

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Hello...I need to know the proper link to the D&B site where the government and An Garda Siochana are listed as corporations....I cannot find it......THIS IS A MATTER OF HIGH IMPORTANCE TO ME SO CAN YOU PLEASE POST IT HERE ASAP

this is the url it should bring you to the garda page.   http://creditreports.dnb.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/IballValidat...

if it does not go to www.dnb.com then do a company search for" an garda" in ireland and tick the other company box,the hit search.   hope this isnt to late i only joinrd...Peace

BillsGalore said:

Hello...I need to know the proper link to the D&B site where the government and An Garda Siochana are listed as corporations....I cannot find it......THIS IS A MATTER OF HIGH IMPORTANCE TO ME SO CAN YOU PLEASE POST IT HERE ASAP

Hi daithi. As far as I know, British courts are fine about Gov departments being registered as corporations. The reasoning, as far as I know it to be, is that in order to properly function within society, a Gov must be able to interact at a commercial level with citizens and companies of that State. So, the Gov can create a corporation/company from which it can thus operate. As far as I know (which isn't very far!!! lol), Irish courts are of a similar mind, and would give no-one any second hearing, so to speak, that is using this argument of the Gardai, etc being registered as private companies, or as companies. Again, I'm not au fait with the law, so please don't massacre me if I'm wrong!!!!.....

thank you, very interesting, i will use that important info.

Couldn't agree more with you with regards registered mail, it puts a halt to the (you never contacted us brigade in any department). As for the receipt as I have a habit of mislaying  them I found that slipping it in with a copy of the correspondence sent and posting it to myself on the same day keeps the receipt  safe and l keep it unopened.  



Billy Maguire is the present Holder of the Sovereign seal of the people of Éire. These interviews are of such importance it is vital not to miss. The turning of the seal is what grants licence from “We the People” to the government to perform as we desire.

Some calls from a sovereign Man to his servants (supposedly)

A Call to the Bar Brian calls the Sheriff 1 Brian calls the Sheriff 2
Call to the Court service
The Revenue Press Office




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