Hello everybody can you write a one page story about sovereignty and 1916! I think you can!!

If we all get the finger out we could really make an impact with this one, by making it a 'hot topic' if a lot of submissions are sent in about sovereignty etc...

Now I only just heard about this two nights ago...and I had to do a lot of sleuthing online to find out more, so you have my apologies on this as the deadline is Monday, I reckon a few sovereigns may have an interesting story to tell and in Particular William James McGuire if he can be contact as a priority!

An awful lot of my good friends work professionally in the film industry and AV business/ Animation/ Creative Computer crafts and have helped me on presentations w/ Harry so we could really punch above our weight if we happened to win the grant. Have a look ASAP, very interesting lead.
Only 1 A4 page required with a general outline .

PS I'm still looking for a crack promotions team to help me on getting the word out/ , any takers out there,as it'd be a laugh. It's not all about what the NWO are upto folks, it's time to concentrate on what we can do and start getting pro-active rather than reactive. This is really just a suggestion to all the radio hosts but is it possible as a once off to discuss what we ask a group has found will work/ what has worked, rather than the stage that we all go through about nearly ramming the info down peoples throats..and then turning them off. Maybe we can share ideas and experiences on this as well as it is a skill that must be taught and / or learnt through practice...especially since (A) it helps focus the more 'seasoned' amongst us not to be complacent and keep the pressure on and (B) it helps the newer individuals who do have to go through the foaming at the mouth stage that we all go through when we first try to tell everyone what's going on...

Something for your consideration..


Info and link below:

The Irish Film Board (IFB) and the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival have announced an extension to the deadline for entries to the screenwriting competition Untitled, with the new deadline now Monday November 14th.


This year writers are invited to submit a one page summary for a feature film with on the theme of 1916, to compete for a prize of up to €16,000 for the winning script.

Five shortlisted writers will then be asked to write the first few scenes of the script. Each shortlisted candidate will present their project to an independent panel of high profile international industry professionals in front of a public audience during the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival next February.

The IFB has stated that they will be in favour of “lateral thinking; new and confident ways of telling oft-told stories; as well as sideways glances at neglected moments from that ‘interesting time’. There are endless ways to interpret the 1916 theme, the most debated and notorious time in Irish history. We're not looking for literal tales torn from dry textbooks. All we ask is that the stories are grounded in historical fact. Otherwise, please surprise us.

This is the second year for the Untitled event. Launched earlier this year writing duo Enda Loughman and Mike Ahern took home the prize of a €16,000 Development Loan towards the development of their comedy screenplay The Bogman King. The winning pair presented their script to a panel, chaired by IFB Development Executive Andrew Meehan and comprised of Jameson Dublin International Film Festival Director Grainne Humphreys, Cheryl Taylor, BBC's Controller for Comedy Commissioning, Irish film director Paddy Breathanach and comedy agent Caroline Chignell.

Applicants are invited to submit a one page summary for a feature film with the theme of 1916. The one page summary should be sent along with completed entry form – download it here - and CV to untitledscreenwritingcomp@gmail.com by November 14th. This will be narrowed down to a shortlist of five entries announced Tuesday December 13th 2011, who will then be asked to write the first few scenes of the script and to present their project to the panel and public audience on Thursday February 16th 2011.

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Billy Maguire is the present Holder of the Sovereign seal of the people of Éire. These interviews are of such importance it is vital not to miss. The turning of the seal is what grants licence from “We the People” to the government to perform as we desire.

Some calls from a sovereign Man to his servants (supposedly)

A Call to the Bar Brian calls the Sheriff 1 Brian calls the Sheriff 2
Call to the Court service
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