What if the Bill of Rights were replaced? Those who do not know their rights stand the greatest chance of having them taken away. Music by Johnny Cash, "God'...

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Comment by We The People on January 18, 2013 at 8:21pm

The Ancient rite of Habeas Corpus is guaranteed in every Lawful Constitution including the Irish Constitution under Article 40. It affords the Sovereign People 'due process' in  Law. Evictions, forced vaccinations, income tax, the removal of Children from the Family Home are just some of the Acts by a 'Corporate' de facto Irish Government that are alien to this principle. They have been amending our Constitution into oblivion over the Years to facilitate this Corporate silent coup d'etat via the Banking system. Another point that People missed is the fact that in February 2nd.2007, a Gold fringe appeared on the National Flag in the (royal) Oireachtas Chamber. Go check and see. This is a precursor to Martial Law. It is a Flag under Admiralty Law (Law of Water-Banking, currency-current of the Sea). It violates Article 7 of the Constitution which states that the Flag is of Green White and Orange. Latest news is that the Minister for 'just us' , is planning to increase the number of the Defence forces by 6,000...not the Gardai. He refuses to comment on this move. Why? People need to wake up and quick. Ask questions and demand answers.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xntcdQK7puY


Billy Maguire is the present Holder of the Sovereign seal of the people of Éire. These interviews are of such importance it is vital not to miss. The turning of the seal is what grants licence from “We the People” to the government to perform as we desire.

Some calls from a sovereign Man to his servants (supposedly)

A Call to the Bar Brian calls the Sheriff 1 Brian calls the Sheriff 2
Call to the Court service
The Revenue Press Office




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