Bitcoin is revolutionary and indeed evolutionary. It is the consequence of a corrupt fiat money system which has held the world population in thrall for about 200 hundred years.

Human kind is the great survivor. We have survived and thrived against all the odds that nature has thrown against us over the millennia. We have adapted and evolved in our environment.

 The money system has made us prisoners of debt for many years . The great secret , is that the majority of people did not realise that they were slaves to the fiat  money system. We took on mortgages,car loans ,credit card debt,  paid our taxes and never questioned deeply why we paid so much for so little or who was the major beneficiary of our hard earned money.

We are now beginning to realise  that  banksters and their culture are on a level below bottom feeding. They are on  a level of  swamp-life in the evolutionary scale of development, predators on their fellow citizens.

We now live in the computer age and the young people are computer savvy to a high degree. The introduction of a virtual currency as Bitcoin  is one process of evolution. Our backs are against the wall and to survive we need to evolve a complete new form of currency to defend ourselves. It is a natural evolutionary progression.

The Powers that be  (TPTB) will do everything in their power to discredit, obstruct ,interfere and denigrate  Bitcoin. But the cat is out of the bag and other systems with the same concept will spring up to replicate it.

Money can be anything we choose it to be. The important thing regarding money is trust or faith. (fiat). This faith and trust has been lost today and recent events in Cyprus  has brought it to a head. Inflation, QE, low interest rates on savings have all eaten away peoples wealth as represented by fiat money and now forced sequestration of peoples savings and deposits.

The decision to seize a percentage of peoples bank deposits in Cyprus will be the cataclyst for a bank run in every Western country. If it can happen in Cyprus, it can happen in every debt ridden country. One wonders how stupid these Finance ministers in Brussels can be to have set this train in motion. Did they not realise the consequences ,or have they completely lost touch with reality in their ivory towers. They  have just driven the last rusty nail into the fiat currency fraud.

We are now in uncharted territory and the next  few weeks should be enlightening as to the intentions of the Eurocrats. They have indeed shown  their claws and no-one can now be under any illusions  as to the intentions of the Euro project. It is to the debt enslavement of us all .by any means ,even  to impoverishment  and  destruction of our nations.

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