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We have no need of the banking Wizards in the City to create money. Our government can simply create money itself  if it ever regains the confidence to throw aside the Wizard’s curtain revealing the trickery of the bank-created-debt-money-system, as Presidents Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln did in their day.

Great discussions and speakers down here at occupydamestreet,turning this crime scene that is the central bank    into a true peoples,non party political,open forum.



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themoneymasters.com gives a very good synopsis of the fraud that is fractual reserve banking.

I camped out with occupydamestreet for first five nights and was impressed by the peaceful nature of this peoples movement.On the first Saturday there were alot of hecklers but people refused to be provoked into anger or violence,knowing that agent provocateurs would be sent to try and get us moved on before the occupation gained mass support.One of the many nightime security volunteers…


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Im asking everyone to look up irelandstoxicwater@blogspot and post it out

to as many people as you know , Im also asking everyone  to email guinness and other food producers in this

country and ask them how much fluoride is in there products as they use the water which is indeed full of  this

poision .If we got just one big producer on board like GUINNESS i think it would make ALL  the…


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Billy Maguire is the present Holder of the Sovereign seal of the people of Éire. These interviews are of such importance it is vital not to miss. The turning of the seal is what grants licence from “We the People” to the government to perform as we desire.

Some calls from a sovereign Man to his servants (supposedly)

A Call to the Bar Brian calls the Sheriff 1 Brian calls the Sheriff 2
Call to the Court service
The Revenue Press Office




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Getting the message out.

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