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the sovereign seal appears all over the place. You'd think people would know more about it..


The Harp


When the Harp was more commonly heard on this land, it is said that seals, in pursuit of fishermen's nets, would turn their heads to the land upon hearing the beautiful melodies on shore. The harp has been a feature of culture, heritage and pride for people on this island for thousands of years. Ireland is unique in that it is the only country in the world with a musical instrument as the national emblem. But the harp is not just a musical instrument, it has been described as “the lost symbol”, within which is contained all the knowledge for ancient man to build his civilisation.


Found within the design of the harp are mathematics, physics, science, measurement and key technologies for ancient man. The instrument was held in such magical regard across the world for these very reasons. Quite a difficult thing to think of now with all our satellites, computers and other inventions of modernity. Ancient man could literally teach their children how to read, write, count, build, navigate, map and measure using the harp as a blueprint. It held all the knowledge for man to pass on to the next generation. We see in many of the invasions of Ireland, an attempt to wipe out the harp and the people who understood it. What was so powerful and threatening about the harpists that made them the immediate targets of multiple invasions? It wasn't some magical power or esoteric effect, it could hardly be used as a weapon. It was simple knowledge which gave man the freedom to build his own house, cultivate his crops, measure the seasons, travel the land and the seas. The Harp represented mans freedom to be sovereign over his own destiny; over his own understanding and measurement of the world he lived in. Invaders who wanted people illiterate, ignorant and dependent on their chief, their King or their Pope made straight for the Harp and those who understood it.


The top of the Harp is the blueprint for the curragh and it represents the sun as it travels across the sky. The strings in this sense, can be seen as the rays of the sun, bringing light to the world and energy to crops. On the sound box we see a diagram for the prism and the lens. It is a representation of the telescope and a tool for measuring the sun (turn the harp upside down, it is a sundial). One could think of Newgrange and the lesser known Oldgrange at lough Gur. The impeccable accuracy of the construction at Newgrange is for many, still a mystery. Perhaps the Harp contained some blueprint?


The ancient Irish had a love for their law, the fenachas, and upon the hook on the bottom of the Harp hung the scales of justice. From here, would also hang the pendulum, the plum line and the string for constructing a circle. The circle here, would construct the compass. By understanding the Sun Ship and the location of the sun, one would know where one was headed. The front of the Harp, four together, would construct the wheel; the strings becoming spokes. It was also the foundation of ship building, the keel. The strings on the Harp can be used as an abacus, allowing man to count. The Ogham alphabet, the earliest language found on Ireland, can be written on a single line (harp string). Music is written on multiple parallel lines (sets of strings). The strings also represent longitude and latitude, man maps his world, and if you can imagine one set of strings moving vertically over the other, you would see the celtic designs so common in ancient art and writing.


The Harp is the covenant between God and Man, it contains all the knowledge and information for planet earth and how to build a civilisation. The reflection of the Harp is the Sovereign Seal. The reflection of the knowledge and information contained within the harp, is mans intellect and reason and his ability to use it. What God gives us, we use to build our communities, to measure the earth for maximum abundance, to time our crops correctly to the sun etc. Man can live in peace and plenty once he knows how to live on planet earth. Our ancestors firmly believed this and Ireland is still as naturally rich for that to be the case. The Sovereign Seal with 12 strings, represents the four elements, mans five senses and the trinity (4=5=3=12). It is the Sovereign Seal of the Sovereign Republic of Éire and the symbol of the sovereign people.


Man is sovereign and, using his intellect and reason he uses knowledge and information to live his life with no needs and no wants. Man is sovereign over his own intellect and reason; he is sovereign over his own destiny; we were born sovereign and we will die sovereign. Each and every man, woman and child is sovereign. We are all equal under whatever creator one happens to believe in. That means no church or state can interfere in a sovereigns relationship with his or her creator (should they believe there to be one). The earth provides more than enough for man and it is up to him to make his life abundant. It is no coincidence that having lost the old ways of Gaelic culture, this island has also lost its abundance. What to our modern minds is simple knowledge, was to our ancestors vital and hereditary. It has and always will be new information to the next generation. The old ways were at an end by the flight of the earls and almost entirely wiped out by 1850, but not all has been lost to history.


With the re birth of the nation on 21st January 1919, the small group of dedicated people, who had been the driving force for the 1918 election and the establishment of Dáil Éireann, encouraged the use of the Harp as the national emblem and it's reflection, the Sovereign Seal, as the seal of the government. Neither of these two things have changed since 1919. However, many other intentions made that day have fallen victims to history.


The Sovereign Seal


The Sovereign Seal, 12 strings, with Éire underneath, denotes the 21st of January 1919. On this day, at 12 noon, the first Dáil met in the Mansion House, Dublin.


It had been decided that Sinn Féin would run the 1918 election on a mandate to form a provisional government in Dublin. The aim was a sovereign republic, and that was the result delivered by the election. A sovereign government was formed, that government was Dáil Éireann. Ministers were elected as holders of the sovereign seal and were mandated to return every year to renew their sovereign license. The country was set up as a Sovereign Republic and although it had a democratic programme, it was not a democracy. By making it mandatory for Ministers and in particular the Taioseach, Ceann Comhairle and Chief Justice to renew their license every year, the continual maintenance of the governments sovereignty was ensured.


The 21st of January was a momentous day for the future of the island. Thousands of people packed the adjacent streets and the Mansion House was bursting with eager spectators. To the majority of people, it was Independence day. The event included the above mentioned democratic programme, a message to the free nations of the world and the declaration of independence. It was the first time in a long time, that an Irish government, backed by the majority of the people, sat in Dublin to assert their sovereignty. That governments wish was to be free from the crown of England, its rapacious laws and banks. It based itself on the Proclamation, word for word, and in particular, the right “to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible.” It used the sovereign seal on all its documents and bound itself to return every year to renew their license as sovereign seal holders. A sovereign republic guarantees inalienable and indefeasible rights for all the people equally. Elected public servants were actually lowering their status in the community. All decisions made by government could only be binding on those who agreed, tacit agreement did not count. This guaranteed absolute freedom to each and every man and woman to be masters of their own individual destiny. Sovereignty did not mean parliamentary sovereignty it meant every man and woman being equal in status to the Kings and Queens of England.


On the morning of the 21st January, in Vaughans Hotel on Parnell square, a man named Tom McGuire elevated and turned the Sovereign Seal of Dáil Éireann, from the rising sun to the setting sun, from north to south and from east to west, and from Pagan to Christian to Sovereign; As in the 1916 Proclamation, claiming sovereignty over the elements, earth, air, fire and water and all there in and there of, on behalf of the Sovereign people and the Sovereign Republic of Éire.


The people on this island, with all their different names, religions, and ethnicities spanning hundreds and thousands of years, from Pagan times to Christian times, were officially declared sovereign. All were equal under the creator, whatever creator one happened to believe in. No King nor Monarch, no state nor government, no system of finance or religious institution could ever break that direct link. Equal sovereignty was sealed forever, not by words and not by some symbol but because the people were acting out their will to be free. It didn't take Tom McGuire to tell us we had sovereignty over all the elements and all there in and there of, that all the land is for the use of everybody equally; such a truth was and is self evident. It was the attitude of the people, the honest assertion they made and the retaking of the nations destiny that made them sovereign. They dedicated their future to sovereign behaviour, to live free and independent lives, to maximise the wealth of the land for all that lived on the land and to establish a system of government that gave maximum power to the people, without prejudice of any kind.


Tom McGuire was fully aware of the Harp and its' place in our ancestors culture. The morning of the 21st of January 1919 was not the first year the Harp had been turned; it was the first year the majority of the people had elected a Government to represent them. Just as the Harp was the covenant between God and Man, the Sovereign Seal was the covenant between man and his public servants. It was used to signify the authority of Dáil Éireaan, an authority which came from the people. Without the sovereign seal, men who claimed to be in government were just men. That is why so much emphasis was put on the renewal of licenses every year. If the government failed to attend then it could be usurped, corrupted and directed against the sovereign people. The peoples sovereignty is not up for renewal, such a thing can never expire. In fact, the annual ceremony is a reminder for the people. By behaving sovereign, by being beholden to no man and above all by maintaining the law of the land, the sovereignty of the people will last forever.


The Sovereign Seal has been turned, every year on the 21st of January since 1919. It is mandatory for the Taoiseach, the Ceann Comhairle and the Chief Justice to attend as well as any other Ministers who may be Sovereign Seal holders. That the Government still use the Sovereign Seal is not in doubt; what is in doubt is their right to use it. Attendance is mandatory for the government to receive permission to use the sovereign seal each year. The Lord Mayor attends annually, as does a delegate form the Indian Embassy. The Mansion House is a few hundred yards down the road from Dáil Éireann and for the 91st anniversary the government gave the excuse that they were not being given expenses. The Government of Ireland needs to clarify why it continues to use the sovereign seal without attending the ceremony in the Mansion House. It needs to answer why it uses the symbol of the sovereign people without the permission of the sovereign people.


It matters not if no sovereign man or woman attends the ceremony. It is the Government who are mandated to attend. The ceremony is a reminder to the people of who we are and where we have come form. Our sovereignty is celebrated on this day. We are also reminded that all the rivers and lakes, the forests, the food, the minerals and other resources of the land have been claimed for the benefit of all the people. Our territorial waters are claimed, including the minerals there in and there of. There were lesser known explorations for oil and gas beneath those waters conducted in the seventies. In todays terms, these reserves are valued in the trillions of dollars. These assets of the people are currently up for sale. They have been for quite some time but now they are being flogged for any and all bidders. Now more than ever, the sovereign people of Ireland need to be reminded it is we who are sovereign and indefeasible. The government of Ireland has become destructive of the intentions set out in the democratic programme and declaration of independence. It has put a price tag on the resources and minerals of the people and does deals behind closed doors to sell them. It ignores the wishes of the people because it is not bound by the people, it does not have permission to use the sovereign seal. It has gone as far as airbrushing this information out of public records so the people are ignorant about the Harp, the Sovereign Seal and are unaware of the Sovereign Republic of Éire.


Tom McGuire's grand-nephew, Billy McGuire will turn the Sovereign Seal on the 21st of January 2011. It will be the 92nd anniversary of the First Dáil and it is expected to to draw people from all over the world. Will the Taoiseach, the Ceann Comhairle, the Chief Justice and other sovereign seal holders attend to receive their license or will they continue to use the symbol of the sovereign people without their permission?



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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-cWG7KLeBM This is a video of this I posted on youtube please view, comment and subscribe .....

this is  a great bit of reading and  i know alot of people that would be interested in this ,why is this not put on the last word on today fm and many other radio stations across Ireland just to give people the insight i just got


Regarding Bru Na Boinne - Disney Grange as many Europeans call it now.

All the his story we were taught to believe was true and now we find so many untruths-

Bru Na Boinne a womb, not a tomb with new life being created with the entrance of the  divine male sun.

Perfect harmony of male and fe-male.

The 13 moonstones of the law of natural time and the 13th being the s(tone)high E...for anyone who wants to go there and play and see what happens.

I wont spoil the surprise.Shortly all history will be rewritten.

Our land and seas were claimed eons ago by Vatican- who had/ have no right to claim ownership.

Not one man or woman on this Mother Earth has a receipt to say s/he bought a cm from Mother Earth, because she did not sell herself to anyone.

In Eire we all knew once upon a time that we were and are all Guardians of Mother Earth.

She provides everything for free, so how anyone can possibly believe they own anything is beyond me.

I remember so well hearing about Eire and her most advanced justice system, unlike the just US system of the present moment.

How strange- or not- to use HAARP. Why that sound frequency?

What a lovely description, the best interpretation I have heard for New Grange, "a womb, not a tomb with new life being created with the entrance of the  divine male sun", how advanced the builders must have been.

Thank You Matt.

I was in Bru Na Boinne recently and got handed a book- which is worth a read with diagrams etc to confirm a lot.

It is called Pi in the Sky by Michael Poynder.

Thank You, for recommending the book I will add it to my must read list

Wow, its both amazing and depressing, what can we do, it makes me feel trapped and helpless and the fact that there seems to be no one on ths site anytime i log into it

please do not feel too down Marc.

Glad to report the Harp now plays once again in TaRa. I mean the real Harp.

Thank you, Catherine. 

I recently requested a copy of the licence to accept monies from my local bank, they sent me whst looks like a fake to me, it has no harp seal or water mark on it, it sayes the licence was issued by the Central bank of ireland, now my information is that the central bank of ireland is a private company and cannot issue licences, coupled with the fact that this so called licence doesn't mention the address of my local branch,  it just mentions their head office in dublin, Has anyone any suggestions on what to do next,

have you heard the interview with the man Vincent re the theft of our sovereign gold in 1922? It was brought to London.

Now look at the same pattern- so called freedom for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya  etc. All their national sovereign gold and precious artifacts were also removed by those assisting in "freedom". This gold etc was then divided out among the various countries through the Bank of International Settlements. I only know through one who did all the paperwork on Iraq theft.

It brings more questions for us to ask?

"If the government failed to attend then it could be usurped, corrupted and directed against the sovereign people." I am more concerned with the word Usurped here. The sovereign people could easily turn the tables and pull this off as King George V did. There would of course have to be representatives from all 32 counties and a new proclaimation read out by President McGuire enshrining the proclaimation of 1916. We would be laughed at but you'd never know people might warm to it too.


Do you remember the old sovereign Irish wo-man saying.

"When everyone is laughing at you, then you know you are doing right"

I heard that so often from my Father- a seanchai- and I learned over the years that he was 100% correct.



Billy Maguire is the present Holder of the Sovereign seal of the people of Éire. These interviews are of such importance it is vital not to miss. The turning of the seal is what grants licence from “We the People” to the government to perform as we desire.

Some calls from a sovereign Man to his servants (supposedly)

A Call to the Bar Brian calls the Sheriff 1 Brian calls the Sheriff 2
Call to the Court service
The Revenue Press Office




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